Cecilia Stanton is a leader in Bellefonte Fine Arts

Jenna Willey, Content Editor

Senior Cecilia Stanton is known for many things, however, two of the most notable things are Drama and Band. She spends her time working on things that excite her and make her happy, such as going to District Band. Besides school though, she enjoys things such as making jewelry and going out on hikes to take in the nature and the beauty of our world. 

After graduation, Cecilia will be studying arts in music, as well as environmental studies.

“I plan on attending Susquehanna University to pursue a Bachelor of the Arts in Music with an emphasis in vocal performance.  I also plan on studying in Environmental Studies, but I’m not sure whether that will be as a minor or a second major,” she said.

She is a very important person in many clubs. She makes sure to be kind while still maintaining being the leader with kindness. 

“I have learned a lot about being a well-rounded individual and how to manage time well because of the many clubs and classes I take part in,” she said. 

She is someone that takes charge, and is involved in multiple clubs and continues to learn and have many leadership skills.

“I am the president of multiple clubs, which I think has helped me learn how to be a good leader and work on my public speaking skills.  I have also been to multiple PMEA festivals, which I am very proud of,” she said. 

She believes that when an opportunity is presented to you, that is something you should grab on to and take on. And don’t wait till the last minute to decide something that could be good for your future. 

“It is really important to take advantage of the opportunities available to you, because you can figure out what you like to do and how you want to prioritize your time,” she said. 

She gives some advice to the new students coming in this year, and the seniors coming up next year, and the way you should take care of yourself. 

“I think it’s important to do your best to succeed in school and things like that, but it’s just as important, if not more important, to prioritize doing what makes you happy and is best for your mental health,” she said. 

Senior Reese Walters, a friend of Cecilia’s, has a lot of special memories with her and continues to support her all her achievements and endeavors. 

“I enjoyed going to see a show with her earlier this year. Us driving together and figuring out parking was very crazy, but worth it. I enjoy being in clubs with Cecilia, especially Marching Band. Cecilia is an amazing activist and musician. She goes above and beyond to make your day a little bit better,” he said. 

Band Director Mr. Caleb Rebarchek has known Cecilia from her first year here to her last. He has seen her grow as a student. 

“I’ve had her in various classes since she was in ninth grade, but I would say that a highlight of this year was in Rock Studio. We had been working on Led Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’ and the first day that we did this as a full group she shocked me with her vocal style and her best Robert Plant-esque singing. I was used to hearing her sing more classical things and  wasn’t at all expecting what she did – it was great,” he said. 

He has seen her grow not only as a student, but overall as a person, and believes she will take those traits with her in her future endeavors. 

“She has grown into leadership roles during her time in high school, which has been great to observe. She’s currently president of Band and Choir, respectively, along with being treasurer of the Drama Club. Cecilia is willing to put herself out there in order to improve, taking feedback and wanting to grow – it’s a trait that will serve her well beyond high school,” Mr. Rebarchak said. 

Cecilia strives to make sure that she succeeds in what she sets her mind to, and what she is passionate about.