Mrs. Alicia Graham is Bellefonte’s hidden gem

Avah Colm, Staff Reporter

Since May of 2021, Bellefonte High School’s newest addition to the math department has been making an impact on the education and productivity of students. Meet Mrs. Alicia Graham. 

Prior to coming to Bellefonte, Mrs. Graham taught for Cowanesque Valley High School in northern PA for 14 years. In the months before moving to our district, she taught at West Branch High School. Although this may seem like nomadic tendencies in recent years, she has become accustomed to moving locations throughout her teaching career.

“When I first started teaching, I taught in West Virginia, then I taught in Pennsylvania, then Vermont, and then back to Pennsylvania. I am in my 34th year of being a teacher,” she said. 

Although many students have yet to meet her, Mrs. Graham has made several close connections with her students in the little time she has been at Bellefonte High. One in particular is senior student Logan Williams.

“Mrs. Graham is an amazing teacher and she’s hilarious. She likes to make jokes which makes class more enjoyable,” he said. 

Handfuls of her students are able to infer that Mrs. Graham has a passion for teaching based off of her support and well put together seminars. One student that has come to know and love her in particular is junior Sydney Holderman.  

“I have always enjoyed math class, but Mrs. Graham’s class is one of my favorites,” she said.

Her opinion of her position reflects that of her students as well. Since a young age, she has dreamed of becoming a math teacher. 

“I wanted to become a math teacher because when I was in high school, I would sometimes help my classmates when they were confused in math class, and they often told me that I was very good at explaining math concepts. Another reason is because I enjoy working with people and I hope that I am making a difference in at least a few of my students’ lives,” she said.

Teaching can be a challenge for every education provider but Mrs. Graham has demonstrated perseverance inside and outside of the classroom. She is never afraid to show interest in learning new things. In the past, she even applied to become her school’s cheerleading coach and had never previously been involved with the sport. One teacher that has come to appreciate this is fellow math teacher, Mrs. Allison Kyte. The two have become familiar with each other since the beginning of the year when they began teaching a conjoined class together. 

“She is the most kind individual. She always finds a way to make things positive. She’s very knowledgeable in math and has extensive experience as well,” she said. 

Although she has yet to make connections with many of the students in the school, she is adamant on making a difference in our school’s community through her talent of teaching.