King James breaks all time scoring record

Luke Fisher, Senior Staff Reporter

Lebron James has done it. On February 7, Lebron passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for scoring the most points during the regular season in NBA history. This record has been thought to never be broken. Lebron proved everyone that it is possible to do the impossible no matter what it is.

Lebron breaking the scoring record makes me feel angry. Lebron is not the goat. The record will never be broken though,” junior Ethan Tomasacci said. Even people that dislike Lebron know his greatness and that he did something that might never be done ever again.

Lebron was 36 points away from surpassing Kareem going into the Lakers game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. With 10.9 seconds left in the third quarter, he hit the last shot he needed to pass the record, having 16 points in that quarter and 38,388 points in his total career. This number also does not seem like it is going to stop going up anytime soon. 

In Lebron’s last 5 games, he has scored 41 against the Celtics, 28 against the Knicks, 26 against the Pacers, 27 against the Pelicans, and 38 against OKC, which is the game in which he passed Kareem for all-time points. 

It made me happy that my glorious king passed Kareem, making him the scoring leader,” sophomore Peyton Vancas said. 

Lebron  has been playing at a very high level ever since he has been in the league. He has been in the league for 20 years and has never slowed down, which stands out as being the most impressive thing about him. 

Glad he did it, he deserves it. If Lebron plays 5 more seasons maybe not, but with the way people score now the scoring record will probably be broken eventually,” junior Jacob McConnell said. 

This record was broken after 39 years of NBA history. Lebron James has averaged 27.2 points a game in his past 20 seasons in the NBA. The longevity of James is unheard of, which is a big reason he was able to pass Kareem Abdul-jabdar’s record. 

“ I think the scoring record will be beaten by Bronny James,” Peyton said.