Tom Brady announces retirement for second time

Alex Ebeling, Student Engagement Coordinator

Tom Brady just announced his retirement from professional football as of February 1. This is the second time Brady has announced his retirement, which he also told fans at the end of the 2021 NFL season.

Brady broke the news via Instagram. In this post he was located on the beach enjoying the off-season. One smart individual recognized the exact location of the video and  traveled to the location. The individual then proceeded to pick up the sand in which Tom Brady was standing when recording the video. Then they put the sand up on Ebay and it sold for $99,990.

Brady’s final game was in the NFC Wildcard game against the Dallas Cowboys. In this game, Brady completed 35 of his 66 pass attempts including 351 yards. He threw for two  touchdowns as well as one  interception. 

He ended up losing the game, but had no sign of retirement, although people had their suspicions. One freshman at Bellefonte Area High School, Peyton Vancas, saw this coming.

“He doesn’t have a great coach anymore and his age is catching up to him at this point in his career,” Peyton said.

In the last quarter with 1 minute and 22 seconds left, Brady was sacked: this was the last time that Tom Brady was sacked in his career. The player who sacked him was Micah Parsons. Parsons is a Pennsylvania native who went to high school in Harrisburg and then went to college at Penn State University. 

Brady ended his career while holding many records. He is one of the most prestigious players of all time.  He  has more Super Bowl rings than any singular player or organization in the NFL. Brady has seven  rings, while the two leading organizations are tied at six. 

Some fans took this retirement to heart and found it hard to believe. One person who took it this way is current substitute at Bellefonte High School, Mr. Tim O’Donnell.

“It was a great run and I don’t see anyone ever topping Tom Brady. He is an all around greatest quarterback ever,” Mr. O’Donnell said.