“Love and Death”– My most anticipated HBO Max show of 2023

Hannah Deitrich, Staff Reporter

If anyone reading this knows anything about me, the most exciting thing in my life is rapidly approaching. Love and Death, starring Elizabeth Olsen, is coming to HBO Max on April 27. The limited series, based on a true story, will follow Candy Montgomery, an alleged axe-murderer, and the events leading up to her trial. 

The show follows the real murder of Betty Gore, which happened in 1980. Betty was the wife of Allan Gore, who was having an affair with Candy Montgomery. It was reported that Montgomery struck Gore with a wood-splitting axe a total of 41 times, killing her. Montgomery was arrested and eventually tried for the murder. During her trial, Montgomery pleaded for self-defense and claimed that she was attacked by Gore after she confronted her [Candy] about the affair she was having with her husband. Eventually, she was found not guilty and was acquitted on October 30, 1980. 

The show currently does not have a rating but, based on the fact that this follows a real axe murder, and that a bloodied Elizabeth Olsen has already made an appearance in the trailer, I wouldn’t recommend anyone under the age of 14 to watch this show. 

Elizabeth Olsen is decked out in outfits from the ‘80s with the southern accent to go with it. Many fans are excited to see her appear in something not related to the marvel cinematic universe, especially since the last series that her last series unrelated to Marvel was the 2018 Facebook watch series, Sorry for your Loss. I’m also excited for the actress to return to another period piece similar to her appearances as Thérèse Raquin in In Secret (2013) and Audrey Williams in I Saw the Light (2015). 

I, for one, am very excited to see Elizabeth perform in something that is different from her current “normal,” especially since she’s been involved in Marvel for such a large chunk of her acting career. It will be nice to see her in something that is more realistic but still shows her incredible abilities and skills when it comes to being in front of a camera. I believe by just looking at the trailer that Elizabeth will be nominated for many awards, like the Critics Choice, Emmy’s, and quite possibly even more opportunities for an Oscar.