Getting to know Bellefonte’s Bailey Little as the Centre County Dairy Princess

Dominic Capperella, Sports & Entertainment Director

Each May, a competition occurs during the middle of the month in order to find out who will be that year’s Centre County Dairy Princess. The reigning Dairy Princess in the county is Bellefonte High School’s very own senior, Bailey Little. 

Bailey was crowned Centre County Dairy Princess on May 15 of last year, although she did not officially begin her duties as Dairy Princess until  June 1, 2022. She will act as the princess until June 1 of this year. 

“I earned my title by competing in a pageant that included a skit, speech, interview, and impromptu question,” Bailey said.

Bailey has always been very interested in agriculture, and more specifically in the dairy industry aspect. As the Dairy Princess she has many responsibilities that she has to keep up with, spanning all over Centre County.

“I travel throughout the county to schools and events in hopes to educate the public about Pennsylvania’s number one agricultural industry, dairy farming,” she said.

Over the past year, and over the past decade, Bailey has done so much for the dairy community in Centre County. She became a dairy promoter in the region about ten years ago, when she was just eight years old. Throughout her reign she has been able to teach many people about what goes in to dairy farming and has also learned that many people have never even had the chance to go visit a dairy farm.

“It is my job as Dairy Princess to educate these people and help them to better understand where their food comes from. I attend banquets to serve cheese, speak on current dairy farming issues, and attend parades,” Bailey said.

During her time in dairy she has learned many different ways to use dairy products when cooking and has made it a part of her job as princess to educate people on how to incorporate dairy into their diets.

 “I have appeared on WTAJ Studio-814 several times to share recipes made with dairy products,” she said.

Outside of her job as the princess, Bailey also owns a small herd of dairy cattle that she shows at competitions such as the Grange Fair and is also a part of the Bellefonte FFA dairy judging team. She also runs a small business called Queen B Farm which sells clothes, jewelry, and accessories based around the outdoors.

In the future, she plans to continue advocating for the dairy industry, even after her reign ends, for as long as she is able.