Biden delivers state of the union speech

Noah Aberegg, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, February 7, President Joe Biden delivered the president’s annual address to the U.S. Congress. The State of the Union is a yearly televised speech given by the sitting president to Congress, in which he discusses the administration’s current outlook on the economy and various legislation for the upcoming year.

Despite addressing Congress with a majority of the members of the opposite party, Biden discussed his unadulterated optimism in the U.S.. He maintained a simple, fairly moderate vision for the next year, with many middle-line issues and a few moderate Democratic beliefs. 

Even with a moderate agenda, the 2023 State of the Union saw viewers drop nearly 30% from the 2022 State of the Union ( This State of the Union goes in record books as one of the rowdiest, with many Republicans booing and shouting at Biden throughout the speech.

Some of his most-addressed issues were more domestic, such as strengthening the American economy, reforming the police system, and freeing our communities of violence. The latter of the two were met with a bipartisan standing applause, including the late Tyre Nichols’ mother. Even with the supposed spy balloon from China traveling across the United States in early February, Biden rarely mentioned one of the United States’ biggest international competitors. 

David Wilezol, former chief speechwriter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, gave President Biden a “D” on the State of the Union ( He claimed that Biden’s speech, although it covered the basic “grocery-list” items on a normal State of the Union, lacked any memorable moments or lines. 

In contrast, David Litt, former speechwriter for former President Obama, gave Biden an “A”, stating that Biden displayed much confidence against a heckling, Republican crowd, and that he gained support from Independents and moderate Democrats in many of his key issues.

Legislation aside, some of the most memorable moments from the 2023 State of the Union were Dr. Jill Biden’s and First Gentleman, Doug Emhoff’s exchange, as well as Republican House of Representative Member Marjorie Taylor Greene’s prop. Prior to the Address, First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, and First Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, kissed on camera. Also, in light of the supposed spy balloon over the United States, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) carried a white balloon to symbolize the spy balloon. These two storylines provided much needed entertainment to an overall dry and uneventful Address.