Bellefonte girls lacrosse “sticks it” to cancer

Avah Colm, Staff Reporter

One thing that Bellefonte High has made a commitment to for generations, is supporting their community. On April 6, the Bellefonte girl’s lacrosse team hosted a game against Mifflin County dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. For defensive player and senior Brayson Holderman, the game held a special place in her heart.

The stick it to Cancer honored my mother, Donielle Holderman, who is in the middle of battling breast cancer,” she said. 

Donielle, a dedicated and proud face of Bellefonte lacrosse, was honored for her fight and dedication to the team. Junior and midfield player Sydney Holderman, joined her teammates in representing her. 

“Donielle is my aunt so I was happy the team came together to support her,” she said. 

Aside from the players, the coaching staff took part in showing their gratitude as well. Head Coach of 8 years, Doug Mckee, was one of many to show their appreciation. 

The Pink Out Game was by far the best game of the year. It was a true blessing for such a worthy and important cause. And now it’ll be an annual tradition,” he said. 

The cause has inspired the upcoming youth for the Bellefonte lacrosse program. Sydney felt that the game will have a lasting impact on both her and her community after the season concludes. 

“I’m glad we could put our motives behind us and play for another cause that is not ourselves,” she said. 

Although the team took on the major role of supporting those in our community, and in their case, a team parent, they also promoted the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), a nonprofit organization who strives to fund breast cancer research and is the highest rated organization for this illness in the U.S.

Despite their loss, the girls put up a strong fight to Mifflin County, similar to the battle Donielle and so many other breast cancer patients can relate to. This made for a memorable experience for both the spectators and players themselves, especially for Brayson. 

“Remembering that we have the ability to run and play the sport we love, and to play the game in honor of all women who have dealt, or are dealing with breast cancer,” she said, is a major takeaway she had from the game. 

If you are interested in contributing to BCRF to support breast cancer researchers in their mission to prevent and cure breast cancer, visit this link to help those in need.