Senior Cooper Funk is powering his way through high school

Logan Williams, Staff Reporter

BAHS senior Cooper Funk is a very hardworking student athlete who is very active in the school and community. He is often described by peers and teachers as productive, fun, and is overall a guy who people want to be around. 

His work ethic and positive attitude is not just present in the classroom, but can also be seen in the gym and on the football field. He spends much of his free time training in the gym, which is his favorite hobby. He was also the starting linebacker for the football team in the fall, before suffering an ACL injury. 

“This year I was involved in varsity football for the school and weightlifting outside of school,” Cooper said.

Cooper has also been involved in other events, like being a part of the boys cheer team for the Powderpuff game last year. 

“My favorite memory in high school would probably have to be cheerleading for the Powderpuff practices and game,” Cooper said. 

While Cooper has enjoyed his time in high school, he is ready to graduate and is looking forward to moving on to bigger and better things. He has a clear plan for his future that he will follow after he gets his diploma.

“For my future plans, I am going into the Air Force and will attend online schooling while also working,” Cooper said.

Whether the environment is in the gym, on the football field, or in a classroom Cooper acts like a role model and is always willing to help or provide advice for the younger kids. He understands that high school goes by quicker than younger students tend to expect.

“My advice for future seniors is hang in there, it might seem like a long time until you are graduating, but it comes at you quick. Also try to make some sort of plan for your future sooner rather than later,” Cooper said.

Cooper’s friends always have fun when they are around him and will surely miss him after graduation. Senior Gage Long is no exception.

“Cooper is pretty chill and is alway good for a laugh. I will miss seeing him at school every day and messing around,” Gage said. 

The teachers that have had him in class enjoyed their time with him, and expect him to do big things in the future. Video Production teacher Mrs. Cipro has known Cooper for his entire high school career and feels the same way.

“I’ve known Cooper since he was a freshman. I’ve watched him grow up and am proud of who he has become.  He has always been kind and good natured.  I think we will do great things in the Air Force and wish him the best,” Mrs. Cipro said.

Cooper has demonstrated that he has all of the tools to be successful after high school, and he will continue to be a role model for others as he moves forward. His attitude and friendly personality will make it easy for him to continue to do well in every aspect.