FFA club attends leadership conference

Dominic Capperella, Sports & Entertainment Director

In the Central Pennsylvania region, farming and agriculture is part of the backbone of the economy, and at BAHS, agricultural sciences teacher Mrs. Myken Poorman and the Future Farmers of America Club are doing their best to learn about the profession and the different parts that go into the professions revolving around agriculture. 

At the end of March, the high school students in FFA went to Harrisburg to attend the State Legislative Leadership Conference. During this conference, students learned a lot about the inner-workings that go into farming along with how legislation at the state level is created and amended to benefit farmers. 

“The students were able to meet a handful of senators, representatives, and other politicians throughout the event,” Mrs. Poorman said.

This event is held each March for students throughout the state to attend and this year,    over 400 FFA members joined in to learn more about the legislative process. 

Mrs. Poorman believes that it is vital to inform the youth of today about how the government at both local and state levels work for the future of the farming industry and for the future of the country as a whole.

“During the SLLC, I, along with fellow Bellefonte students, learned a lot about what it takes for a bill to become a law at the state level,” senior Allison Berkey said.

At the conference, over 400 FFA members were divided up into groups to review different bills that are in the process of becoming laws at both the state and national levels. 

According to paffa.org, teaching today’s youth how the government works is vital to the future of our industry and our country. Students debate actual bills and conclude the conference by sharing breakfast with their Legislators. 

“We learned that it takes an extremely long time in some states to have bills passed that revolve around the agricultural industry because of the back and forth debate that we were able to experience at the conference,” Allison said.

In Harrisburg this year, BAHS had five students attend the conference, including seniors Emmalin Pringle and Allison,  and sophomores Adalie Pringle, Aubrey Pelipesky, and Dilyla Hockenberry. 

FFA only has two more events this school year now that the State Legislature Leadership Conference has ended. Ending off the school year the club will have their annual end of year picnic. Then as their final event for student competition FFA will have a team of four competing at the Dairy Evaluation at the state level FFA competition at Penn State from June 13-15. The group that will compete consists of four BAHS students: seniors Emmalin Pringle, Bailey Little, and Allison Berkey; and sophomore Noah Weaver.

They won third in the state last year and have been studying and are ready to place higher this year,” Mrs. Poorman said.