Mrs. Cipro is the backbone of our school

Ruby Bjalme, Staff Reporter

From videos to newsletters to cross country, one woman is behind it all. Carla Cipro helps in all areas of the Bellefonte community and is the ultimate multitasker, taking on the responsibilities of teacher, photographer, coach, and any other job she is asked. Students and staff of BAHS appreciate her work for the school and community.

Mrs. Cipro is the sole video production teacher at BAHS. Within this role, she  assigns students fun projects that stretch their creativity. She enjoys the students who repeat her classes and expand their knowledge year after year. Mrs. Cipro speaks on why she became a teacher.

“I became a teacher ultimately to become an athletic director further on in life. That is no longer the case, and I enjoy teaching students my content and watching them grow and develop throughout the years,” she said. 

Not only is Mrs. Cipro a teacher, but she recently took on the role of the school district’s Public Relations  position. She shares information about news and events. She is the branch of information between both the school and community. She has enjoyed taking on this role on top of her other responsibilities. 

“It’s been great to learn about the activities happening throughout all buildings and then getting to share that information with the other staff and to the community has been a joy.  My goal is to continue to bridge community and district, and I believe that is happening,” she said. 

Mrs. Cipro stands out to her students. Senior Lorna Dixon has taken four of Mrs. Cipro’s classes, including Photoshop as well as all three levels of Video Production. She shares her favorite parts of Mrs. Cipro’s classes.

“I like that Cipro’s classes allow you to be creative and my favorite projects to do are music videos,” Lorna said. 

Another key part is that Mrs. Cipro plays a part in coaching the Bellefonte cross country team. Mrs. Cipro believes that Cross Country is a unique sport and that every day has a meaningful effort level, pace, and running area.  When runners follow the plan, it pays off with team wins and individual personal records. Junior Collin Sharp shares his favorite cross country moment without being a member. 

When Cipro let me join the cross country team to practice on Fridays with them, along with her inviting me to the banquet at the end of the season, even though I wasn’t an actually runner, I really appreciated her letting me join the team and run with my friends while staying in shape,” he said. 

Mrs. Cipro continues to be a helpful aid in the community. She works to record all school events and post to the school’s YouTube page to keep everyone informed. She is appreciated by the student body and maintains a welcoming classroom to walk into.