Music festival for PSU seniors Movin’ On

Austin Irving, Staff Reporter

On Friday, April 28, Penn State held its annual Movin’ On music festival, which is primarily for many of the students who go to school or enroll at the university, but it is also open to the entire public,

Movin’ On is a free music festival held by Penn State University to get one last thing before the students leave for the summer.

Movin’ On is always a relatively good success for the university, as it is one of the top five largest student-run music festivals in the country. According to the organization’s website, this Penn State tradition will be entering its 48th year of being an event dating back to its first year of existence 1975.

Movin’ On is a substance-free event, but it is also a free event to all Penn State students as well as well not including parking which was $10.

In the Fall of 2010, Movin’ On was officially named and born, following the collaboration with four other campus organizations: UPUA, GPSA, ARHS, and SPA, because their students all wanted one big show. There are three big events in this large music festival that happen in the time period prior to Movin’ On:  Battle of the Bands, Spotlight Series, Acoustic Roadshow. The 2023 Executive Board includes Sofia Moussan (executive director), Tim Eimer (senior director), Jack Freiser (director of events), and Lauren Petrocelli (director of production).

BAHS senior Ruby Bjalme, was present on campus when Movin’ On performers were announced.  

“I was there on a field trip at the HUB during lunch. I went down to the reveal with my sister because she is a part of the committee and it was cool to see everyone’s reaction,” Ruby said.

Performing at the festival was JID, COIN, Neon Trees, UPSAHL, Mellow Honey.

BAHS Alumni from the Class of 2019, Annika Bjalme, serves as the Alumni Coordinator for Movin’ On and attended the show.

“It was a really great environment, even with the weather conditions because the people who wanted to be there showed up and made a great environment,” Annika said.