Overview of spring sports


Isaac Gall, Photographer

This spring around BAHS the sports have been thriving! Baseball has started off strong and is looking to make a run toward a state championship this June, the track team is already 7-0 in the Mountain League and is looking very impressive, and even the softball team is looking to have a promising year at both the JV and Varsity levels.

Bellefonte Baseball

Bellefonte’s baseball program has had some great history, and this year is another year that could go down in the books as a great season with a deep run into the state tournament. A very impressive start at 8-3 on the season with two very close losses to Mifflin County and Huntingdon and the third loss coming against the number 10 in the state, Bald Eagle. Although Bellefonte fell just short of winning a state playoff game last year, losing to Montour in the first round of states, they are hoping along with the rest of the community that they can make it deep into the playoffs and possibly bring home the second state title in the past decade. Bellefonte Baseball also completely renovated the infield and seating at John Montgomery Ward Field at Govenor’s Park, making the infield turf and putting in stadium seats behind the backstop for fans.

Bellefonte Softball

Similar to the baseball team, the softball program has a tradition of success. This year, the JV softball team is (2-1?) and Varsity is 4-4. JV has had a lot of games postponed or canceled due to weather setbacks, so they have only played three games. Varsity has started off slow but is looking to finish the year with a winning season and possibly win some big rival games. This year the Bellefonte softball field has had some new improvements to make it a better field to play on. A fence was added all the way around the field instead of only part way around the field, they added a warning track, and some padding on the backstop.

Bellefonte Track and Field

The Bellefonte track and field team has had some really good years in the past, and this year is no exception. Bellefonte is in the Mountain League this year, and undefeated with an outstanding record of 7-0. This team hasn’t just been beating teams in their league either, they knocked off Hollidaysburg which was supposed to be their hardest opponent all year. Of course, the big victory over Hollidaysburg was impressive, but what made this Bellefonte win even more amazing was the fact that Hollidaysburg is a way bigger school than Bellefonte and one of their main sports in track and field, and Bellefonte was still able to come out on top. Currently, the boy’s team is 9-2 and again undefeated in their league and the girl’s team is 7-4 and 6-1 in the Mountain League. Both girl’s and boy’s track and field teams have been very successful so far this season and are looking to finish the second half of the year just as well as the first.


Since lacrosse is a relatively new sport to Bellefonte, there is not as much history compared to any of the other spring sports, but it’s still a popular sport at Bellefonte. Neither the boys’ nor girls’ team have very successful this year because many other local schools especially smaller schools don’t have lacrosse teams meaning both boy’s and girl’s teams have to go against bigger schools like Danville and Lewisburg in lacrosse and both of these schools are bigger than Bellefonte which doesn’t really make it a far match up. The boys lacrosse team has a record of and the girls record is 

Overall, Bellefonte’s spring sports are doing very well this year, whether it’s a baseball team trying to win states or a track and field team that is undefeated in the league. Maybe this article will encourage you to play a spring sport and be a part of a very successful team.