Class of 2023 Parent Group: Essential for Success


Red and White Staff

The Parent Group of the Class of 2023.

Lilly Guenther, Copy Editor

Throughout high school careers, many people contribute to the success of students. But, one group that has contributed greatly to the success of Bellefonte High’s current graduating class that is not as often recognized is the Class of 2023 Parent Group. 

The parent group has involved many members throughout the years, but is made up of ten core contributors, including the executive board, which is composed of five members who take on management roles within the group. 

Mrs. Stephanie Cooper has been president of the group for the past four years. She describes her decision in taking on such an active role in the group. 

“I was inspired to be involved in the group because I wanted the Class of 2023 to have a great experience their senior year, and I wanted all the senior year activities to be fun and fantastic,” she said. 

Although they are not as often mentioned as the students and teachers involved in planning class events, the parent group has been instrumental to the success of these activities. Throughout the years, the group has held a variety of fundraisers including selling beef jerky, lottery tickets, raffle prizes, and more. The money raised through these events will go towards events for the seniors, including the all night party, picnic, class gift, and more. 

Mrs. Amy Barone had been involved in the group prior to the beginning of the Class of 2023’s time in high school, and for the last four years has held the role of treasurer within the group. She elaborates on the extent the support provided through the parent group has had throughout the years. 

“We are in charge of running the picnic and the all-night party, but have also helped out with various expenses throughout the years,” she said. 

Mrs. Emily Zimdahl-McManus (Profe) has worked as a class advisor for the Class of 2023. As a part of this role, she has corresponded and coordinated with the parent group. 

We’ve worked together to plan events and coordinate chaperones…[They have done] so much. They have been a pleasure to work with and very generous,” she said. 

Profe attests to the great impact that the parent group has had on the success of both individual events and the organization of class activities as a whole. 

“Without them we would have struggled financially and with manpower when we needed it – they are invaluable,” she said. 

The individuals in the parent group have put in significant work, with no personal benefit, solely the hope that they will have a positive impact on the students. Mrs. Christina Rarrick is the acting secretary for the group. Her response regarding the impact she hopes to have through it represents the selfless objective the members have.

“We have worked diligently over the last four years to raise enough funds to provide for memorable experiences for the final weeks of the senior class’ time at Bellefonte High School. We hope it doesn’t disappoint,” she said. 

Mrs. Barone summarizes her thoughts about the achievements the group has made.  

“It really does take a village. I enjoy being a part of raising the money and being involved in the experiences that will help make this year successful for the students. They’ve worked hard and deserve it,” she said. 

And for all their hard work, the members of the parent group deserve recognition and thanks. The class could not have done it without them.