From a past full of listening, to a future full of relaxing


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After 28 years of working in the district, School Psychologist Jeanne Weaver is retiring.

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Retiring from the Bellefonte Area School District after 28 years of service, School Psychologist Mrs. Jeanne Weaver spends her final days wrapping up paperwork and saying goodbye to a district she’s spent much time helping.

Mrs. Weaver’s roots at BASD started at Belllefonte Elementary, where she completed a practicum as a school psychologist. From there, she finished her school counseling internship at the same school. Currently, Mrs. Weaver works as a school psychologist at Bellefonte High and Benner Elementary. 

She’s seen to role of the school psychologist shift throughout the decades.

“In the beginning years, I was fortunate to have more direct contact with students. I was able to run student groups to help students strengthen their skills in areas such as anger management, social skills, and coping strategies.  I was also fortunate to meet with students in a one-on-one situation to help them manage the academic, behavioral, and emotional challenges they experienced,” she said.

However, recent years have led to increased student testing to identify student learning and mental health needs. 

“The current shift and focus is more on the identification of student needs/disabilities as opposed to more direct involvement in providing needed supports to students,” she said.

Nobody see the countless hours that Mrs. Weaver puts into her role more than her husband, fourth grade teacher Mr. Steven Klein. He attributes most of her success to ability to truly listen to people. 

She is an active listener. When someone is sharing with her, she pays very close attention to what the person is saying. She then asks questions and helps the person to process or understand how to solve the problem,” he said. 

Mr. Klein has enjoyed working in the same school district as his wife. 

Because we work for the same employer we have many of the same shared experiences. Although our jobs are quite different, working as we do provides us with endless things to talk about,” he said.

Guidance Secretary Mrs. jody Winkelman has worked with Mrs. Weaver for over 20 years. It’s been 16 years since the current guidance department office layout included Mrs. Weaver’s office at the high school. Since then, Mrs. Winkelman witnesses the dedication that Mrs. Weaver puts into her position. 

“She is a great asset to not only the guidance office, but the high school, the district, and our students. Her knowledge and professionalism are standout and will be greatly missed and hard to replace. She is one of a kind,” Mrs. Winkelman said. 

Whie Mrs. Weaver is looking forward to retirement, she will miss the students, her colleagues, and the friendships she’s formed over the years. However, she plans on taking more of a backseat approach at first before truly jumping into anything.

“Retirement will be a new adventure. My first plan is to not plan anything for a period of time. I want to be still, let life happen, and enjoy having the time to respond to whatever comes my way. Traveling within the country and abroad with my husband are future plans,” she said. 

While Mrs. Weaver moves on the next phase of her life, students and staff will miss her presence at BAHS. 

‘What I will miss most about Jeanne is seeing and talking to her every day. She is a great friend along with being a great coworker. I am happy for her to begin her new journey, but sad as I will miss her tremendously,” Mrs. Winkelman said.