Pelican’s is fly


Hope Martin

Pelican’s is one of Bellefonte’s newest businesses to a get an ice cold treat.

Lilly Guenther, Copy Editor

Bellefonte has a new business that is perfect for summer, just in time for the season to begin. In January, Pelican’s SnoBalls, a shaved ice franchise, opened a new location on South Water Street. 

Although Pelican’s is new to the Bellefonte area, the business began nearly 20 years ago in Garner, North Carolina, when 13-year-old Ashley Garner sold what she called “SnoBalls” in her town. 

“Ansley built the Pelican’s name with every SnoBall she passed out. Pelican’s quickly became an oasis of relief on a hot day, a place for family outings and reward for good grades,” explains Pelican’s website. 

The company, which began as a family-owned business, was eventually franchised and sold, and now has nearly 200 locations in fourteen states throughout the Eastern United States. 

Being the first business of its kind in Bellefonte, as well as having over 100 flavor choices, ranging from popular ones such as cherry, to unusual options such as pickle, Pelican’s SnoBalls is likely to attract people of all kinds and tastes. 

Senior Eva Guenther has visited Pelican’s several times since its opening, and has been far from disappointed. 

“I love snow cones, so I was excited to hear about Pelican’s opening. I’ve tried a few flavors so far and have liked them all,” they said. 

With brightly colored walls, an outside patio, store merchandise, a flavor choice wheel, and more, Pelican’s offers not just refreshing treats, but also a pleasant atmosphere and a fun experience. On a hot day, it’s a nice place to be. 

“I’m indecisive about what flavor I want, so I think it’s fun to spin the flavor wheel and let it choose for me,” Eva said. 

Another unique aspect of the business is its discount program, known as “Pelican Bucks.” For $20, customers can purchase “25 bucks,” valued at $1 each. In addition, the new store gifted a card for a free SnoBall to each student at Bellefonte High. This is how senior AnaLise Uhring was introduced to the business. 

“I might not have gone to Pelican’s if I hadn’t gotten a free cone from the school, but I’m glad I did and I look forward to going again,” she said. 

It seems that Pelican’s will become a popular destination to get a cold, sweet treat this summer in Bellefonte. 

“I’ll definitely continue to support this business, and will make it a regular stop during my days in the summer,” Eva said.