Owen the outdoorsman


Alex Ebeling, Student Engagement Coordinator

Senior Owen Seibel is a friend, peer, and  teammate to many people at Bellefonte High School. He plays for the Bellefonte soccer team and works at Giant. When he’s not working, he is hanging out with his friends or fishing and hunting.

Owen’s uncle and dad inspired his passion for fly-fishing. 

“Fly-fishing is something that I really enjoy and is a career that I will be looking to pursue,” he said.

Band Director Mr. Caleb Rebarchak and Owen both share a common interest in fly-fishing and the outdoors.

“I always enjoy our conversations on that topic before and after class, whether it’s discussing different fly patterns we’ve been tying or recent fishing outings. A few weeks ago he showed me a bamboo fly rod that he has been working on in Mr. Mayes’ class, which he’s in the process of finishing,” he said.

Owen has made many memories with his friends during his four years at BAHS, including senior Aiden Wetzler.

“My favorite memory with Owen is when we go fishing together,” he said.

Aside from his activities outside of school, Owen played soccer during his time at BAHS. Being on the Bellefonte varsity soccer team meant a lot to Owen.

“It was a great experience being on the varsity level for four years,” he said.

In school, Owen makes his friends and peers more happy by his presence.

“[Owen is] A great friend and peer in and out of school. I love being around Owen because of his funny personality and positivity,” Aiden said.

Getting a job in Montana is a big step for Owen’s future. He will be working in West Yellowstone, Montana, with Big Sky Anglers as a groundskeeper.

“I hope to work my way up in the company and then become a full time guide,” he said.

In addition to his sports, Owen is also notorious for his musical talents. He is enrolled in Mr. Rebarchak’s Rock Studio class, which is all about rock music and performing songs. At the end of the class, the students performed a live rock show in front of the student body. 

“Owen is incredibly creative – I’ve seen a few different facets of this throughout the classes he has taken with me. He is also a good teacher, having observed him helping other students with guitar parts in Rock Studio as we’re learning new music,” Mr. Rebarchak said.

Owen’s laidback and pleasant personality can be seen in most everything he does. He leaves the underclassmen of BAHS with a simple piece of advice to survive the next few years of high school. 

“Don’t do drugs and stay in school,” he said.