Red Raiders blowout Wildcats

Bellefonte defeats Central Mountain with a 44-7 win

Lily Wichert


The Bellefonte Red Raiders notched their fourth consecutive win this season against Central Mountain last Friday, putting their overall season at 4-0. The game was held at Malinak Stadium at Central Mountain High School. Bellefonte won with the final score of 44-7, along with some outstanding performances from both sides of the ball. However, in the end, the Red Raiders proved to simply be too much for the Wildcats.

C.J. Funk got the Red Raiders on the board first, with an 11-yard touchdown run. Kicker Chris Persiko added the extra point afterwards, giving Bellefonte a 7-0 lead. The Wildcats answered, however, as wide reciever Collin Jones scored an 83-yard touchdown. Kicker Trey Gentzell added the extra point, ending the first quarter at 7-7.

Bellefonte got the lead back, as Chris scored a 21-yard field goal, bringing the Red Raiders to a 10-7 lead. This field goal opened floodgates for the Red Raiders, who scored 34 more points throughout the rest of the game. C.J. scored a 3-yard touchdown and a 71-yard touchdown, both with good kicks from Chris. Bellefonte quarterback Kyle Myers threw a touchdown pass to tight end Noah Badger, bringing Bellefonte to a 31-7 lead at halftime. The Red Raiders ran away with the game after this point.

During the third quarter, C.J. ran for a 73-yard touchdown, and Chris added the extra point. Running back Chris Paloskey scored a 7-yard touchdown with 8:38 remaining in the third quarter. Bellefonte’s defense held the Wildcats scoreless for the last three quarters of the game, finishing the game with a 44-7 win.

Wide receiver Nick Catalano enjoys seeing the improvement of the team throughout the season.

“I am extremely proud of our defense tonight. Our offense continued to produce tonight, as the first few weeks that was seen as one of our biggest issues, and was something we worked hard to improve in practice,” Nick said.

The Red Raiders do not allow their undefeated streak get in the way of their focus.

Offensive Coordinator Shawn Hale understands that the team has skills to enhance throughout the season.

“We are young. We need to get better at making sure we align correctly,” Coach Hale said.

The Bellefonte Red Raiders will take on Tyrone this Friday at Bald Eagle Area High School at 7 p.m.