Say ‘hello’ to The Bye Bye Man



Upon diving into this movie, I had set my expectations low. Being a self-proclaimed horror movie connoisseur, I was reluctant to watch something called The Bye Bye Man. Having heard little about this movie, and basing my expectations off the title, I expected something poorly executed and silly; but this movie was anything but laughable.

The Bye Bye Man follows a genuinely interesting plot – something that can’t be said for all horror movies. The plot unfolds slowly – a pace that’s fast and full enough to keep you interested until the end – but slow enough that you can’t predict what is going to happen throughout the whole movie. The plot is truly the focal point of the movie. The movie focuses on the life of three college students; a couple and their friend. The trio moves into an old house and finds a dark secret in an old drawer.

Oftentimes, a horror movie starts out with the premise of a stereotypical couple coming into a house that turns out to be haunted, etc…. but this story quickly took a turn, incorporating a fascinating history of the town, supernaturally indescribable beings, and moral dilemmas. Overall, the plot was fantastic in terms of the horror genre – thought-provoking, chilling, and a genuine story – not just a scary figure and some jump scares.

Although the plot was absolutely chilling, little could be said for the special effects. They weren’t terrible, but considering the technology that we have in 2018 they should have been better. Things looked distinctly fake- somewhat like a Snapchat filter had been placed over the characters. Additionally, I did not like the look of the Bye Bye Man. Considering all of the build-up the story gave leading up to finally seeing the “monster,” I really think it should have been designed better. The actually witnessing of the Bye Bye Man was disappointing after such a well-written story. I think the movie may have been better off if an image of the Bye Bye Man had never been shown, and instead was left to your imagination.

Overall the acting was decent. Better than the typical over-exaggerated cheesy acting you see in horror movies, but not perfect by any means. The main male roles were filled by Douglas Smith and Lucien Laviscount, the main female role was played by Cressida Bonas. These weren’t actors I’ve seen in many other horror films, but they filled their roles fairly well throughout the story, conveying feelings of almost-genuine desperation, fear, and confusion.

Overall, The Bye Bye Man was a good film. It far surpassed my expectations, and drew me in and kept my interest far better than most horror movies that are made today. Overall, the casting and special effects of the movie were decent. However, where the movie really shone was in its ability to create a compelling story that was well thought out and exciting. As a whole, I’d recommend this movie to the average horror movie fan. It’s a fascinating movie to start off the Halloween season.