The face of Bellefonte High

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The face of Bellefonte High

Senior Max Kroell

Senior Max Kroell

Jasmine Kozel

Senior Max Kroell

Jasmine Kozel

Jasmine Kozel

Senior Max Kroell

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Often seen roaming the hallways in a suit and tie, senior Max Kroell has spent the last four years leaving his mark on Bellefonte Area High School.

Max is involved in numerous activities in school including: Class President of 2019, Future Business Leaders of America, La Belle yearbook, National Honor Society, Raider Revolution, Safety Committee, Spanish Honor Society, Student Council, and Track and Field where he is a two-time letter winner. Immediately after high school, Max plans to study political science and go to law school afterwards in order to serve the people as a Representative in State Legislature or even Commander-in-Chief.

“I think it’s something I’m just passionate about. I like helping people; I enjoy being able to do something for someone and seeing that smile on their face. That sort of satisfaction is something that can’t be matched. I’ve always had a strong calling for service,” Max said.

With Max being passionate about history, this has pushed social studies teacher Mr. Matthew Maris to want to become a better teacher.

“Everyone will miss Max. In particular, I’ve enjoyed talking about local history with Max. I’ve learned a lot from him and hopefully likewise,” Mr. Maris said.

Throughout his four years of high school, Max has always shown respect towards all of his teachers. However his passion for history has caused him to care for the Social Studies Department more.

“All of the teachers have impacted me in a positive way. The Social Studies Department has helped me along the lines of what politics are, defining what my career is going to be, and how I understand the world,” Max said.

Bellefonte alumni, Caleb Putnam, has been friends with Max since the seventh grade when they both worked on the Nittany Valley Little League Field Crew. During their time together, the two have created many memories together.

“The time we were relaxing in the shed were we worked when we were on the field crew and we were smashing this paint can and it exploded all over us and we were in shock then we all just died in laughter,” Caleb said.

Caleb and many others have supported Max in everything he’s done since he began his endeavors in Bellefonte. When he’s passionate about something, there’s a level of support that hasn’t been seen anywhere else.

“I think that Bellefonte has nurtured me to become the person I am today and will continue to help me as I grow in the future,” Max said.

For social studies teacher Mr. Matt Martin, one of his favorite things about Max is his maturity level and maintaining a positive sense of humor.

“He’s a young adult and wise above his years. You always laugh when you’re around Max because he always has something to say. He just brought so much to the class he was in. He really helped a lot of people around him and made them better as well,” Mr. Martin said.

Max’s sense of humor has not gone unnoticed from his friends; Bellefonte alumni Anna Yates has greatly admired his ability to find anything funny since the day they met. This was especially shown when they went mini-golfing for the first and only time.

“He rebounded a golf ball off of multiple objects, until it hit me very hard in the knee. I then asked him to senior ball by hitting him back with a golf ball. It was great,” Anna said.

As president of his class, Max has always tried to show an enthusiasm for life, which Mr. Maris noticed the second Max walked into his World Cultures class.

“He has continued to show an enthusiasm for life, school, and history that makes BAHS a better place every day. He has grown so much as a respected leader that often when he wears his very principal-like suits, I get nervous when he enters the classroom to say hello. As far as I am concerned, he’s an administrator,” Mr. Maris said.

Social studies teacher Mr. Colin Chapman echoed his thoughts as his enthusiasm and dedication to everything he does.

“He always seems to go above and beyond to make sure our school is a great place for our students and staff,” Mr. Chapman said.

Both students and faculty alike can agree that Max is one of the friendliest faces in school, no matter what the time of day it is.

“Max is just one of those people where you see him in the hallway, he always goes out of his way to say hello and make sure that your day goes well. He is the face of Bellefonte Area High School there’s no doubt about that,” Senior Andrew Sharp said.
Next year, Max would like to run for Bellefonte School Board, but for now, he’s going to continue to try to make life easier for the students.

“I serve at the pleasure of the students and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I’m glad to be a part of Bellefonte and Bellefonte will forever be a part of my life. I’d like to remind the students that together we are the future, and together we can achieve anything,” Max said.