2019 schoolwide fall fashion trends


Photo by Allison Ivicic



Since summer is coming to an end, fall is just around the corner. This is the time when dressing for school seems to become difficult for everyone. The weather is stubborn and we are forced to battle the chilly mornings and endure the afternoon heat. While keeping the weather changes in mind, the school dress code also sticks in the back of many students’ minds. Sorry everyone: Crop tops, tank tops, and short shorts have got to go. Well, at least until next summer.

It is always important to keep in mind that fashion should reflect your personal style. Sure, trends are a fun and effective way to see what the world of fashion is currently focusing on, but being yourself and wearing what makes you happy and comfortable is the best kind of confidence. However, if following the trends or even just seeing what is going on with fashion is something that interests you, fall fashion always seems to be different every year, so it may be a nice place to start looking. Fall fashion can be anywhere from a sweater with jeans to a dress with comfy shoes.

Throughout the school, every single person you see has their own style, whether it be a casual top and pants to sweatshirts and cargo shorts. As the saying goes, ladies first. During fall, the ladies fashion trends seem to be consistent between girls, however, all include their own personal touches. For instance, many girls will begin the school year wearing a t-shirt with jeans and sneakers or sandals. Ripped jeans and Birkenstock sandals are well-known choices made by some of the girls. Once the weather starts cooling down and the afternoons are no longer 70 to 80 degrees, sweaters, cardigans, leggings, and ankle boots start to make a breakthrough. Colors usually seen throughout the halls are mainly neutrals and sometimes shades of yellow, orange, green, and red which become more popular. Scrunchies are also making a comeback as a popular accessory option. 

Guys fashion always seems to be a bit simpler than the girls. Most fall fashion for the guys include sweatshirts or t-shirts with either cargo or gym shorts or jeans. These outfits are usually put together with a nice pair of sneakers. While many of the outfits guys choose to wear falls into this category, some spice it up and wear sweaters. You can even find some guys switch out the jeans and shorts for a pair of khakis. Even though these fashion trends tend to stay fairly similar each year, sports players also slightly change up the game by wearing sweatshirts or t-shirts that support their teams.

Photo by Allison Ivicic

While both guys and girls styles differ, denim almost always makes an appearance in the school. Whether it’s a denim jacket, denim dress, or jeans. Denim is often a safe bet and is usually chosen by everyone as a fashion statement. However, since fall fashion and just fashion in general is such a wide topic, wear what makes you feel good. If that is a t-shirt and jeans cool. If dressing up and wearing a dress or heeled boots makes you feel great about yourself, go for it. If you want to switch up that sweatshirt and a pair of shorts for a fancy sweater and khakis, try it. Never feel discouraged to embrace your style and show off what makes you, you.

Photo by Allison Ivicic