The best scariest costumes for Halloween


Photo by Wikimedia

Kids dress up in fun, festive Halloween costumes.

Emma Homan, Feature News Director


The fall season has begun, and there is no better time than the present to plan this year’s Halloween costume. Don’t wait until the last minute this year to come up with your ideas, and if you’re out of inspiration, try some of the ones in this article to get the ideas flowing.

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, incorporating the already-existing mask mandate can act as a stepping-off point for a great costume. A doctor or a nurse fits with a blue medical mask, and an extra scary horror face mask can give you a simple Halloween look without needing to go overboard.

If you feel like going simple, store chains always have pre-packaged costumes of superheroes and other pop-culture icons. Going back to different eras of fashion is a fun way to expand your closet and have a fashionable and functional look. Easy picks, like a sports jersey or a graphic tee with a recognizable logo, can be just as effective for last-second costumes for passing out candies to visiting kids.

Comically bad costumes are always a great option as well. If you’re running out of time for a well-put-together idea, throw something together with the least possible effort. Cut holes in a red bucket and call yourself Ironman. Tape a label onto your shirt and embody a random concept or idea. Let the most ridiculous and stupid ideas manifest into the best worst costume you’ll ever have.

If you have friends to drag along with you, there are hundreds of duo or group costumes to choose from. Even if the idea is simple, getting several people to cooperate with a single idea is more difficult than it looks, so be sure to plan ahead of time and pick up the materials early to maximize creation coordination time.

Finally, if going all-out with your costume is your style, you should probably get started on your purchasing and planning now. You don’t want to be down an important piece the night before Halloween anxiously awaiting an Amazon package by the door, and last-minute Walmart trips to the desecrated Halloween section will just leave you disheartened, and probably without that last integral piece.