Prime– the new Gatorade?

Addison Shawley, Staff Reporter

Have you ever wondered what the Paul brothers are up to now? One of the brothers, Logan Paul, has started up a new drink company called Prime, with fellow entertainer KSI. Prime is a health drink that hydrates with unique flavors. Prime was small at first, but has boomed in recent months. 

Prime all started with Logan Paul wanting a healthier drink with better flavor on the market. He had to find authentic flavors to compete with other sports drinks on the market. Logan has found just the way to keep up with other competing drinks – by making unique colors and designs of the bottle. 

Students at BAHS have enjoyed trying the new drink. 

“It is great, I could drink it all the time,” junior Leah Vongunden said. 

Logan also has other career paths, as he is also a part of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Logan used to be a YouTube star, beginning in 2013. 

Logan was a major content creator for many people, alongside his brother Jake Paul. Logan then decided later on that his place wasn’t just YouTube, but also elsewhere. 

“I think that he is growing up and his move from YouTube was the best for him and he started a new chapter in his life,” junior Jacob Corman said. 

Logan was among the first to start boxing, along with other YouTube creators. Logan first fought fellow YouTube creator KSI, and later decided to take it further than that and started pursuing boxing as a career choice. 

In this time he decided to start up his own company and drink. He designed the drink with KSI. They released the drink in early 2022, and it has boomed since, and is expected to keep growing.