The highly anticipated season of “Outer Banks”

Olivia Aberegg, Design and Layout Editor

The highly-anticipated third season of the hit show Outer Banks was released on February 23. The show follows the group of kids known as the “Pogues” who are a gang of teenagers who do not necessarily fit in, living on the less privileged side of the island.

The show’s main character is John B, played by Chase Stokes, who is in search of the gold that his (supposed) dead dad was looking for. He and his friends go on a treasure hunt adventure in search of the gold,and face many obstacles and challenges along the way including others in search of the gold.

Three new characters joined the cast this year, including Carlos Sighn (played by Andy McQueen) who is the named villain of this series and is obsessed with finding the treasure, Sofia (played by Fiona Palomo), who is a possible love interest for Rafe, and Ryan (played by Lou Ferrigno Jr.), who is Carlos’ right-hand man. The returning main cast consists of John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), JJ (Rudy Pankow), and Rafe (Drew Starkey). John B, Pope, and JJ are the original Pogues, as well as Kiara but she was born a Kook (the name for the wealthy people of the island). Sarah is the daughter of Ward who is one of the most popular Kooks on the island, she is the love interest for John B and is an honorary member of the Pogues. Rafe is Sarah’s brother and son of Ward. Rafe has an ongoing feud with the Pogues and is constantly opposing everything they do.

As the third season approached, fans were anxious for what wass in store for the episodes and made predictions on what they believed would happen. Some of the most popular predictions were that Sarah and JJ are siblings, that John B’s bandana is the magical garment with healing powers, that John B’s dad is alive, and that JJ and Kiara will be together.

Since the show has come out, it has received many mixed reviews. Personally, I miss the Pogue vs. Kook feud that was such a large part of the previous seasons. Although there was a clash between the characters when they were on screen together, the writers of the show focused on other storylines instead of continuing on the ongoing rivalry of the two sides of the island.

Season three began the same way as season two ended, with the Pogues on the deserted island. However, quickly after the episode began the Pogues were off the island. This was controversial amongst fans because many believed that the show should have shown the Pogues’ life on the island or a flashback on how they arrived on the island and what they did for food, shelter, etc.

Another controversy of season three was the return of John B’s dad, Big John. The previous seasons discussed how John B’s dad was killed by Ward (Sarah’s dad) when they were supposed to be partners when searching for the Royal Merchant. However, in the beginning of season three it was revealed that Big John was alive. Fans, including myself, hated this change because Big John was a terrible, annoying character who messed up the overall vibe of the show. The most aggravating part about Big John’s character was how he was willing to sacrifice his son for the treasure.    

Senior Madyson Hockenberry agreed that Big John was not a good edition to season three.

“Initially, I was super excited to see him, and see the connection he had with John B. But overall, not a fan of the character he was,” Madyson said.

Aside from the controversies, this was still a very good season. I particularly enjoyed the development of the relationships and friendships in the show. Cleo was a character who was introduced near the end of season two and she was quickly accepted as a Pogue. I was very excited to see how she fit in with the original group of the Pogues and her connections with the characters. Although the treasure hunt plot is unoriginal I thought that the show did a good job of including aspects of individuality such as Kie’s sub plot of going to the Kitty Hawk camp and the continuous plot of the cross.

After leaving off on a cliffhanger, it has been revealed that Outer Banks will return for a fourth season.