Our dueling opinions on McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

Addison Shawley and Alex Ebeling

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50th anniversary of the best milkshake of all time


McDonalds is celebrating their 50th anniversary of selling the shamrock shake. Personally, I have made a trip to McDonalds almost every time they release it. I love the taste of it and I think it is a quality milkshake. 

This legendary treat is only returning $3.69 for a small, $4.29 for a medium, and $4.79 for a large. This is a bargain and considered a steal for many people. 

I went to McDonalds on February 14 and ordered my first shamrock shake of the season. When I was in the drive through, I couldn’t hold in my excitement. My hands were shaking because of the excitement in my body. When I ordered my milkshake, I was so ready to devour it. Then in all of its glory the godly milkshake was presented to me.

The green color is so perfectly shaded. The glistening whipped cream on top of the green shamrock shake looked so delicious. The green and white pattern throughout the milkshake looks incredible. 

My anticipation for drinking this milkshake was immaculate. As a result of this, I took a little sip just to get the amazing taste. It was incredible, it somehow exceeded my expectations yet again. This milkshake was too good to savor, so instead,  I devoured the shamrock shake in record time. Before I knew it, the cup was empty and I was so sad it was over. 

I’m not the only one who thinks that this shake is heavenly. Senior at Bellefonte Area High School Brayson Holderman had a similar experience and opinion.

“The shamrock shakes from McDonalds never disappoint. Always so creamy and have an enhanced flavor to them like no other. Always look forward to them every year,” she said.

Another senior at Bellefonte Area High School, Luke Fisher, enjoyed his first shamrock shake recently. He loved the experience and drank it all.

“It was so good, I can’t believe I never tried it before. I was missing out so badly. I will be returning for many, many, many, more shamrock shakes,” Luke said.

This milkshake is incredible and no one can tell me otherwise. I will be returning for many more before they go away until next year. Then next year I will definitely be returning to the once in a lifetime experience.


The downfall of our health 


Yes, it is the 50th anniversary of the most overrated shake out there. Many people are lining up outside of McDonalds waiting for their shamrock shake. Personally, I never understood the hype around this drink that many love to get. 

There are  many things that throw me off about this drink. The nasty green color starts it off as something fit as unappealing. The white globs of goop that sit in the drink makes it even worse. You would never find me drinking one of these nasty drinks. Some students have similar opinions. 

“The mint does not belong in a milkshake, and its the worst thing you can put in your body,” senior Jamal Saunders said.

Despite the nasty colors, this milkshake is also very unhealthy and will cause you instant regret when you down this drink. According to the nutritional facts found on McDonald’s website, the shamrock shake offers a whopping 460 calories and 63 grams of sugar, and keep in mind that is only a small. A large packs a total of 800 calories with 113 grams of sugar. These drinks will surely cause some problems if you aren’t careful. The sugar will put you to sleep for weeks. 

The stats on this drink for healthiness makes it downright unreasonable to even think about getting this drink. The deliciousness that many think this drink has is just some green sugar in a cup and is definitely not worth the time and health to get. 

“If I drink this, I will only afford water and sleep for the rest of my day. Drinking this equals my calorie intake for a whole day,” senior Jacob Knapp said.

I’d rather find a bunch of healthy foods and a drink that would equate to this caloric disaster. All in all this is determined to be the most unhealthy milkshake of them all.