We will never know until we try



“The wall is not going to work.” This is a common phrase that people hear in regularity – whether it be on the news, through social media, or in their communities and households – when it comes to the construction of the ever-so-promised southern border wall between the United States and its neighboring country, Mexico.

According to the Huffington Post, on June 16, 2015, the exact date that he announced he decided to run in the 2016 presidential election, [President] Donald J. Trump first mentioned his intentions to build a wall further dividing the two sovereign states in hopes of reducing the number of illegal immigrants who set foot on American soil. Since his initial statement, Trump ignited a new controversy between conservatives and liberals that continues to follow him as he enters his third year in the Oval Office. Liberals argue that the result of the wall will be more national debt instead of reducing immigration quotas while Trump supporters favor the president’s idea to construct a wall. Supporters believe illegal immigrants steal away employment opportunities from native citizens and increase criminal activity.

In addition to the more popular conservative platforms in regards to this issue, many people do not understand that by forming a wall, the U.S. will take on a major shift in regards to its immigration policy, according to the Washington Post. This approach would be more strict and direct in comparison with the previous policies implemented which tended to be more passive or sympathetic towards the issue. The U.S.’s tougher response (especially towards undocumented immigrants) could even deter the amount of immigrants who intend to enter the country illegally by facing the risk of deportation. Not just the words, but the actions that follow suit.

In fact, with these stricter initiatives, our legislative branch of the Federal Government can actually justify active legislation in regards to immigrant employment. Under the Reagan Administration in 1986, the U.S. Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act. This act requires employers to verify an immigrant’s legal status before he or she is hired for a job. While this act has been active for over three decades, it has not been enforced well since its primary passage through the legislative branch in 1986. By toughening up on immigration policy, we can actually abide by this law instead of allowing shady employers to continue illegal business. However, this requirement of the verification of an immigrant’s legal status would have to come hand in hand as we increase border security (aka the wall).

Yes, the notorious wall will cost a bunch of money. Frankly, money that the Federal Government does not have. The costs have not even been confirmed or concrete. Many suggestions have been thrown at the wall, but none of them stick. I understand how this plays as a major concern for wall opposers. On the contrary, as the GoFundMe campaign has proven, we, as a country, can raise money for it without full funding from the Federal or State governments. Given the fact that part of a wall is already constructed between the two countries, we would not even have to construct a full one. Make fixes to the standing one, yes, but, why construct one fully from scratch when there is one existent and can be built upon with less expenses?

People have their doubts. But I say, without an attempt, we will not know. How can Trump’s wall opposers say that it will not resolve any of the current immigration problems that haunt America today when Democrats are unwilling to compromise, despite the fact that Trump’s wall GoFundMe campaign raised more than $16 million according Business Insider. Without attempting to build a wall, no viewpoints nor claims from either the Republican or Democratic ideologies will be proven. It would be comparable to a doctor stating that he or she has found the cure for cancer, gained funds through supporters, people had doubts regarding it, yet did not test the effectiveness of the hypothesis. If the Democrats are right, at least we tried. I am sure that the wall could be creatively repurposed for something else more positive instead of throwing all that money away. However, if they are proved wrong, at least Republicans can not be targeted for having crazy and useless ideas. Afterall, in regards to immigration, we will never know until we try.